Greetings traveler! This web page should assist you to build a Hearthstone tournament lineup (Pick) and does also offer you assistance which deck you should ban in each Box (Ban). This is done with statistics which are received directly from hsreplay.net.

Let me tell you something about the background of this page. I always struggled to build tournament lineups and do the correct bans during tournament matches. So I started to watch videos and did read a lot of comments of pro players how this has to be done. A lot of the work that needs to be done is collecting and comparing numbers, which was mostly done in Excel sheets, which seemed a bit to "old-fashioned" for me personally. So I started to program this page. As a first step I had to get the data, so I started to use the hsreplay.net API, which btw. is great. After I had the numbers I needed, I started to work on the Ban page, which is working pretty good for me - of course you can do the bans based on personal training sessions or experience overall, but if you want to trust the numbers, the tool will show you exactly what you should do. After this was done and I already had access to all the numbers I started to work on the Pick page, I was always a fan of "targeting", so this was my numbers one priority. If you have access to the data, targeting a deck isn't that hard - but when you're goal is to target more then one deck (which of course is not always possible - that is really depended on the matchups) it got a bit harder, this is where my tool jumped in and did all the match with some simple mouseclicks. If you are interested in any of the maths behind it, feel free to hit me up. Maybe someone even has ideas to make those pages better - I would love to get feedback there.

Last but not least I did build the Deckselect page. The league I was playing and many other leagues did use an other deckselect tool, which for any reason did stop working a while ago - so I did invest some time to build a new deckselect and made that available for everyone. If there is something not working, or you guys have any idea to make it better, again, feel free to hit me up.

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