On this page you can get some help, to choose which deck of the opponent you should ban during a tournament match with open deck lists. Just define all the settings and work through the page from top to bottom. All stats are based on current numbers from

Statistics Base

First you need to define some basic settings to define the base of the retrived stats. Here is already a default selection applied, usually there is no need to change anything.

General Settings

Choose between the most popular tournament modes "Conquest" and "LHS" (not yet available..) and then define how many decks need to be played.

Choose your Decks

Choose the decks you will play during this match, if you are unsure what the real name of the deck you are playing is - just checkout the hsreplay website.

Choose enemy Decks

Choose the decks your opponent will play during this match.


Here are the stats for your selected decks which were retrieved from hsreplay based on your settings. If you do run any special tech cards or do have some personal expirience for a special matchup, feel free to modify the numbers in the table below. After you think everything is fine now confirm the stats with a click on "SHOW ME WHAT TO DO" to get the ban information.

Opp Deck 1
Opp Deck 2
Opp Deck 3
Opp Deck 4
Your Deck 1
Your Deck 2
Your Deck 3
Your Deck 4

Your Bans

Based on all the information here the recommendations for your bans. You will find an overview of all the numbers and several ban information. If you are unsure just ban the deck recommended as "overall best ban".

Opponent banned
Your Average WR with your remaining decks against the deck in the same row
You should BAN
Overall best