On this page you can get some help to build a lineup. There are two methods for this: "Best Decks" which will simply return you the decks with the best winrate based on your settings or "Target" where you can target up to three opponent deck, which you think will be played, so the tool will build you a lineup which should win against to targeted decks. All stats are based on current numbers from hsreplay.net.

Statistics Base

First you need to define some basic settings to define the base of the retrived stats. Here is already a default selection applied, usually there is no need to change anything.

General Settings

Choose between the most popular tournament modes "Conquest" and "LHS" (not yet available..), define how many decks need to be played and then choose the building method.


Since you did choose to target specific decks, select now up to three decks which you would like to beat.

Your Lineup

Based on your settings, the system would recommend you to play the following lineup, for more flexibility the system will always show you the best deck from each class. Based on the color you can see the lineup proposed by the system.

Winrate %